Welcome on the website of the Research and Teaching Department of Geology of the University of Liège!

Geology is the science of the Earth. Geology studies the composition, structure, history and evolution of the internal and external layers of our rocky planet, and the processes shaping it. Geological themes are diverse and range from the evolution of life since its origin; the interactions between the biosphere, the geosphere, the hydrosphere and the atmosphere; the natural risks (seisms, volcanism,...); to the differentiation of other planetary bodies  in the solar system and beyond.  Geology also permits to discover and characterize natural resources such as water, minerals, and fossil energy (gaz, oil, coal, uranium,..) and to develop responsible management, paying particular attention to environmental and societal consequences  of their exploitation.

The Department of Geology is both a place for advanced research and for education to the Earth Sciences. Two specific strengths of the department include 1) the broad range of geological themes that are developed in research and teaching (astrobiology, biogeology, geochemistry, mineralogy, animal and vegetal macropaleontology, micropaleontology, paleoclimatology, paleoceanography, sedimentary and magmatic petrology, tectonics, volcanology, natural risks,... ), and 2) the opportunity to gain a large fieldwork  experience throughout the undergraduate studies.  This makes our department, a unique and exciting place to be for students and researchers.